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Dr. Kennesha Woods

"Dr. Kennesha Wood's conquered her road to success by the act of resilience."

Her Story

Embodied by determination and impulsivity. Dr. Kennesha Wood's conquered her road to success by the act of resilience. Raised in a single-parent home, Dr. Woods is a first-generation college student and Ph.D. graduate. Her character and lived experiences challenged her to resist the odds against her. At an early age, Dr. Woods began to set goals and noticed she became dedicated to executing them in a timely manner. Even more, she began to see several sheets of paper laying around that read “to-do list” with visible marks depicting "goal execution." Keeping up with all her tasks by remaining organized became her priority but also her path to success. Dr. Woods is eager to introduce what she considers one of her secrets to success, an act of resilience.

Dr. Woods educational background, commitment to underserved youth, adults, and families, her perseverance, and visible paths to success led her to host implicit bias and resilience trainings and workshops. Dr. Woods has a decade of experience in corrections and two decades of experience working with children and families. She is a social justice advocate, motivational influencer, trainer and facilitator.

In the Resilience Planner and Journal, Dr. Woods provides an inclusive space for individuals to practice acts of resilience by living a purposeful life.

Knowledge & Skills

Implicit Bias Training

A workshop designed to assist professionals with identifying and mitigating their implicit bias. A supportive thinking report tool will be introduced to guide professionals on how to identify behaviors objectively and recognize their unconscious thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.


Motivational Keynote Speaker

Speaking topics include: The act of resilience, The Five Pillars of Resilience, and the Four Pillars of Resilience. Keynotes and presentations are delivered through "storytelling" and may also include identifying traumatic experiences and overcoming adversity etc.

intensive discussion & Activity

Resilience Workshop

The Road to Resilience Workshop is delivered through "storytelling" and "active practice." Take aways include, how you define resilience, how to active your resilience, overcoming negative connotations of resilience, The Five Pillars of Resilience, The Four Urban Pillars of Resilience, and how to work the 18-month Resilience Planner 101.


The presence of differences. For example, racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, inabilities, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, personalities etc.


To ensure access, resources, and opportunities are afforded to all with the goals of elevation and success. Especially to those who historically have been treated unfavorably. Equity includes just and fair treatment.


The ACT of being welcoming to ALL people. Creating a space where individuals feel valued and respected and have access to their full potential. Such acts include intentionally including marginalized identities.


Of U.S. educators are white.


Of administrators in the U.S. are white


Exclusionary discipline rate among Elementary aged Black students


of the world has some form of implicit bias

Knowledge & Skills

Trauma Informed Care/Resilience Training

The ACE study and questionnaire will be introduced. Professionals will learn how to identify and acknowledge traumatic experiences, how to assess for resilience, cultivate a trauma informed care culture, and be informed of culturally responsive practices. Presentations are personalized to organizations, institutions, & systems. Scan the QR code to take the ACE survey and learn your trauma score. Using this link, you can also access the resiliency assessment to receive your resiliency score.

facilitation of learning

A Coaching Approach to Educator Professional Development

Administration/educators present the disparity or unequitable practice to be reviewed and presentations are structured to the assigned task. Task may include equity audits and climate assessments.

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